Yes I know that it’s a US remake of a Danish series, but since my Danish extends to “To øl venligst”, this is the best I’ll get. I’m sure that it’s available in dubbed or subtitles but firstly dubbing is ridiculous! Too busy giggling at the comedy accents to watch the programme. Subtitles, unless the programme is action (Subway, La femme Nikita, Run Lola Run, Infernal Affairs) or ‘slow’ (Manon des Sources, Il Postino, etc), the vision is lost as you spend half your time scanning the words. So yes a remake isn’t perfect but it may be the best solution.
The acting, locations and best of all the realistic pace has given us probably the year’s best drama. I’ve got my eyes on the best friend but who knows. Riveting television is back.


Has anyone actually used Google Wave in anger yet. I am struggling to see the point. But I did say that about twitter three years ago!

Finally got my redirect sorted so I may now dispense more words.

How is it that anyone could feasible place a price on £100M for a Championship club when a Premiership club can be bought for a not disimilar price? Whilst football often defeats the laws of economics, does it also defeat the laws of common sense?

I am very excited by the latest waste of ones day that is Although it does end up with me playing various 80’s tunes. Like myv ipod but more restrictive

I am having a mail nightmare. It was meant to be so easy. I had my DNS records amended so that points to this blog. I then lost my emails as I didn’t realise these were all in one. So I try to point my MX records to Google but nothing! I don’t think it’s google. My suspicions (beyond that of my technical incompetence) lay at the door of my domain host switchmedia! I await a resolution.